It’s no longer a secret that many celebrities, models and holistic practitioners praise colonics to assist with detoxifying the body and achieving higher levels of wellness.

So what does the inside of your body have to do with the outer appearance?

It’s not unusual for an average person to be carrying around a few kilos of compacted toxic waste in their bowel. When left in your system, these toxins are re-absorbed through the delicate intestinal wall and recirculated in the bloodstream through the body. Over and over again.

There’s a number of ailments that can indicate a toxic system. Irritability, headaches, fatigue, stinky breath, insomnia, bad skin, weight gain and constipation. Unfortunately, these symptoms often fly under the radar of your average GP trip, often being told there’s nothing wrong or being given solutions that don’t address the root of the problem.

Colon Health

Cleansing your body of waste and toxins can be the first step towards alleviating some of these symptoms. Actress and wellness writer Gwyneth Paltrow uses colonics to kickstart a detox and “really get things going.” Many clients have attributed colonic hydrotherapy to clear skin and eyes, weight loss and a feeling of euphoria.

Colonic hydrotherapy could be the kick start to your wellness journey. Book in today to reap the benefits of how an efficient internal system can reflect from the inside out!

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