Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe and effective way of cleansing the bowel of toxins, gas and waste. It’s a completely dignified treatment. No mess or smell.


Susanna has been a Colonic Therapist and Naturopath for the past 9 years, and recently moved from Hamilton NZ.





Dear Susanna, I have been meaning to say thanks very much for putting me on the right track with your colon hydrotherapy and advice. I am pleased to say that I am pretty much back to normal. You can put a tick against my name as an advocate for your excellent professional treatment. Thanks again,  Bill.



“I have been coming to Susanna for about five months for colon hydrotherapy. Having been a fan of colonics for four years, I would not go to anyone else. Susanna makes you feel completely at ease, has a pleasant and non-judgmental manner and the whole experience is extremely pleasurable. Not to mention the after effects, colonics have eliminated my painful periods, taken away my bloating, increased regularity, and enabled me to begin again more intelligently when I have messed up my diet. I feel extremely energised and clear-minded for days after the treatment.” Sika

Dr Bill

Biomedic / Patient

I have a Biomedical practice where many patients present with fatigue, chronic digestive disorders, muscle tiredness and aches, as well as brain fatigue or fog, Almost all have gastro-intestinal dysfunction.  Colon Hydrotherapy should be a priority.  I see immediate results.



I am very pleased to recommend Susanna. I was diagnosed with psoriases all over my body (legs, face, arms, hands) this manifest itself as thick silvery scales and very itchy dry red patches. Somedays I would feel like I was burning all over my body, severe itching, swelling and pain. I tried many treatments and spent a lot of money and the psoriases really affected my self esteem. Then I tried a more holistic way and that was when I found Susanna. I think at that point I was almost giving up but not only did the colonics make it better, it also gave loads of energy and confidence. I would definitely suggest to anyone suffering from psoriases to try Susanna. I hope that this information can be of help to someone. Best wishes to all. Sincerely, Ivan



I am still elated due to the result of my first Colon Hydrotherapy session 9 days ago.  Next morning I woke one hour earlier and instantly felt brighter and exhilarated.  At 76 I could have gone straight out for a game of football.  I came to Susanna after my last visit to my doctor prescribed tablets.  He said “many people have these bowel complaints and constipation” it was so dismissive after one year of suffering.   So instead of laxative everyday, I have had none for 11 days and without these – been toilet 3 to 4 times daily with minimal discomfort after 4 treatments.  Whilst a strange experience at the start, it is not painful and Susanna’s pleasant manner ensures relaxation.  I shall certainly return as needed.  My life is changed for the better and I would recommend others with bowel trouble to try it.

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