Nutrient Rich Recipes to get Winter Ready

Pairing a colonic with a healthy diet optimises results, so we share some of our favourite recipes to intensify the benefits of detoxifying the body and get your immune system primed for Winter.

Feeling sluggish, fatigued, foggy and generally unwell? These are just some of the indications that the body could be suffering from toxic overload. With the dreaded ‘flu-season’ around the corner, it’s the perfect time to rid yourself of accumulated toxins and prime your body’s immune system for the winter months.

It’s no secret that our overall health can be compromised when we neglect to take care of ourselves. Many of us fall victim to busy lifestyles, alcohol consumption and high intake of saturated fats and simple carbohydrates (the two primary components of a western diet) that ultimately lead to toxic buildup. These lifestyle factors combined with modern medicines quick-fix solutions can easily create a cycle where we aren’t truly nurturing our body, leaving it vulnerable to disease.

Colonics can be helpful in eliminating toxic waste, but once you have cleared this waste it’s important to support the body and focus on a diet high in nutrients. Once absorbed, these nutrients can promote general wellness and allow your body to function like the well-oiled machine that it is!

To help you in your journey to wellness, we have shared our Top 5 favourite recipes to help you heal and prepare your body for Winter!

Kick Starter!


These overnight oats VIA Goop are the perfect way to start the day, with Vitamin C rich raspberries and omega-3 boosting chia seeds.

Sweet Fix

Sweet Tooth? Curb cravings and aid digestive health with this minty, dairy-free, refined-sugar free choc-mint slice VIA Loving Earth

Super Salad

Impress your guests and treat them to good health, with this delicious superfood packed salad VIA Brown Paper Bag


Get on board the bowl trend and pack your body with nutrients with this Sesame Tofu Rice Bowl VIA Bianca Zapatka

Bang Bang Cauliflower

The right kind of indulgence. If your downfall is salty fried foods, this Bang Bang Cauliflower recipe VIA Deliciously Ella, is a healthy alternative to chicken nuggets, bursting with Vitamin K!

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