Colonic Hydrotherapy

“I’m a big believer in colonics,” supermodel Kate Upton said.

Kate Upton is gushing about one of her favorite health and beauty rituals — a colon cleanse.

“I’m a big believer in colonics,” the supermodel told health site Well+Good in a story out Wednesday. “Not only does it make you feel better — especially with all of the bad food I put in my body — but (I feel like) it helps cleanse you of any stress or any feelings you’ve been holding onto.”

A colonic is a medical procedure that involves a tube being inserted into a person’s rectum. The tube transports water into the body and cleans out the colon and large intestine of any waste that’s been left behind.

Upton, who’s engaged to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, further elaborated on the benefits she’s reaped from colonics.

“I’ve noticed a big change in everything — in my skin, my attitude, everything,” she told Well+Good. “You learn a lot about your body. I highly recommend it.”

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, 25, also said she starts every morning with a glass of room temperature water and lemon, followed by coffee and a walk with her dog. Upton believes in Pedialyte to stay hydrated during long flights and a big breakfast to “sustain you for the rest of the day.”

Upton’s not the first big name to swear by a good, er, cleaning. Stars like Ben Affleck, Gwen Stefani, Oprah, Liv Tyler and Gisele Bundchen have all reportedly vouched for colonics in the past.

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