What Happens During a Colonic Session?

On your first visit you will be seated in a luxurious lounge while you complete a health history assessment form. Your therapist will take you into the private treatment room, any questions will be answered and a full explanation of the procedure given.

During a colonic, warm, filtered, temperature regulated water is gently infused into the colon then released in a series of fills and flushes that generally continue for 35 to 40 mins.

At CHC we prefer the “closed system” colonics, using a disposable two way speculum and fittings; the out-bound tubing allows you to remain on the treatment table for both infusion and releases cycle. Visit www.dotoloresearch.com to view the colonic instrument used at this centre.

Colon hydrotherapy is not addictive… It encourages the restoration of the colon’s natural function by strengthening peristalsis.